Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fitness with G2

The only instructional mats and fitness systems that depict every important stretch position and strengthening exercise. Physician–certified and portable, each G2 Lifestyles Program is essential for maximizing personal fitness and keeping your body injury–free. Whatever your level of activity or choice of sport, these unique patent-pending, eco–friendly mats position you for peak comfort and performance.
Made of 100% recyclable Eco-friendly materials and a thick cushion, bacteria resistant, washable, non-slip surface design, these mats are physician certified to shape your body, mind, and soul.
The Yoga, Golf, Pilates, General Stretch, Back Stretch, Abs, Maternity, and Children’s Yoga mats are all carefully contrived to increase the quality of life. The Yoga Pose fitness program is designed to relax and energize; the Golf Stretch program helps athletes play better and live healthier; the Pilates Personal program works from the core of your body to achieve a lean, healthy body; the General Stretch program is designed to increase overall flexibility to maximize personal fitness and keep your body injury free over time; the Back Stretch program is designed to strengthen back muscles and increase overall flexibility to keep your back injury free over time; the Ab-Fit program strengthens the abdominal region to give your stomach definition and power your body from the core; the Maternity Yoga program allows women to enjoy the benefits of yoga while pregnant; and last but not least, the Children’s Yoga program, which is soon to come, is equipped with an interactive animated DVD that promotes being active and decreasing obesity at an early age.

For more information on G2 Fitness and their products, please visit www.g2fit.com.

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